Computer Recycle Atlanta

Do you as the corporation want the hardware to be tossed into a grinder and shred to tiny pieces or do you want a computer broker to buy your computer Surplus.

Hardware sold to brokers even at $5.00 alleviates the chance that your product regardless of how broken and old as it is will ever end up in a landfill or a river in the middle East.

Currently the main thrust for brokers to become R2 Certified.

Thank you 

Dell System Board Repair

A spring special we will repair your Dell computer motherboard or IBM computer motherboard replacing the defective capacitors for $50.00 per board. You pay frieght both ways.

All the leaky and or bloated and or bulging capacitors and the ones we know that are going to be an issue will be replaced. Once finished and tested the board will be in great shape for at least six months. If it fails for defective capacitors that we replaced then it is on us.

We will do the best we can why? Simple I don't want to take the hit and do the job again plus risk loosing your business.

Why buy a used motherboard for $50 to $60.00 or more when it has the same old style capacitors? Silly reasons. We offer advanced exchange and give you fifteen days to get us your defective motherboard.

Remove the board from your IBM and or Dell desktop or tower and ship the board to us. 
Enclose a packing list and contact information along with your return shipping label.

1058 Branch Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30004

Questions? Then call me at 404-456-9830

Thank you