Computer Surplus Buyer Atlanta

We are interested in any computer surplus in Atlanta. Currently
we are buying used not complete desktop and laptops computers for
a couple dollars each. The way really is by the pound. Twenty cents per
pound. We will stack and wrap the pc's in your office and move them
to the loading dock and take them. A bill of sale will transfer all
liabilities to us. Nothing will go into a landfill.

We use a contract transferring all liabilities to us and I'm not throwing
anything into a dumpster or landfill. Pretty much everything has a
value. In most cases sold on Ebay.

As you search for buyers like myself you will see those that state
recycling offered. Most recyclers first rule is to sell as much in
the United States as possible. Using Ebay as an example. The
remaining amount of pieces and parts then are sold to a recycler to
be crushed into a commodity.  precious metal commodity prices are
too low to crush everything into a commodity.

This offer is directed to corporations that have at least twenty fifty of
either desktops and or lcd's. Less than that then it isn't a large
enough volume for our services.

We are buying desktop LCD's from 15 inch to 19 inch at a dollar
each. LCD's with broken glass we will buy at a twenty five cents each.

Thank you