Used Medical Equipment Buyer

Used Medical Equipment Buyer

One of our largest customers in the South East has been closing clinics. We receive notice of the address. Next we contact the representative and schedule a good time and day to visit. We do a thorough inventory then remove all the medical hardware.
Later at our warehouse once all types and models and serial numbers have been verified we begin the call other brokers in the South and begin getting quotes. Even selling on internet websites. 

The entire process takes a week or two and we liquidate the package. Deducting costs and our fees and we send the agreed percentage to the location.
It is easy and quick.

Some locations just want the hardware removed. Closing a location and the lease is almost expired so we come in and make an inventory. We then mail the office administrator a certificate that states all hardware we removed has been handled in accordance to all Federal, State and local EPA laws.
It is easy and quick.      A few of the manufacturers we've been buying lately.                        


Welch Allyn 
Datex Ohmeda 
We have technicians available anywhere in Georgia and Arizona. We can help you liquidate the unwanted medical hardware. We can get it out of your location within a week.
Thank you

John Reddien

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