HP Fuser Recycle and defective laser parts

HP Fuser Recycle

Ship to:
1058 Branch Drive
Alpharetta, GA 30004

HP printers and computers using such components including fusers, formatters, kits, JetDirects, and paper trays to system boards and power supplies. Our collection process is based on  rebuilding and reclamation providing a new service life and less on processing or disposal. What we do is rebuild the received parts and get them back into the market place thus nothing goes into the landfills or dumps across America.

Only the remaining last amounts of plastic and metal are sold to buyers of those commodities. Plastic is sold at $.03 per pound. The buyers then intern shred it and sell it at $.15 per pound. Metal is sold at $.09 per pound to Blaze recycling in Atlanta. Wire is sold to other buys.

Thank you