Touch Screen Repair

Most all retail Touch Screen LCD's found in all stores such as PAR
and ELO we are repairing now. We see and have repaired. I thank
you for visiting here on one of my blogs.

I will have more information in the next few days. If you have a
list of the different Touch Screens that you use in your business
then send me an email or fax us a list.

Have the prices that you are charged now I would like to see
the volume and prices you pay giving me the opportunity to
beat them.

Picked up one fairly large food chain POS touchscreen repair
business and we are looking for more customers. Discount
prices are available to the next four business's we are approached
by. We beat our competition by 15% then we discussed their
price schedule.

Give us a call at 404.456.9830 or send me an email to This email will reach me
anywhere I am.

Thank you