Hard to Find Computer Parts EOF Computer Hardware

Looking for a computer part and can't find it? Checking prices your vendor is quoting you? I will work hard to save you money and earn your business. Part number and machine type is what I need to find the computer parts.

Send me an email to John@southernrefurb.com and I will search the vendors I have worked with for the past 25 years and make the dead end lead calls I find from searching on the internet to find your parts.

This website is a blog that I own and my main business website is http://www.southernrefurb.com/

Visit my website. I have an online store where I try to guess what buyers are looking for. Over time I have realized I guess wrong. There are hundreds of thousands of computer parts so the odds are what I list no one ever wants. EOF computer parts, end of life computer parts, hard to find computer parts, computer parts supplier or computer parts vendor and computer parts sourcing call it what you wish. If the computer part is out there I will find it.

I will find the part and send you a quote. I will then if you want to register on my website you can log in and buy as you need. I will put the items in area that you can buy out of. Currently I am using the unclassified box in my on-line store for a customer.

To any respect I appreciate the opportunity to work you in future.
Thank you
John Reddien

I also decided years ago that it is my website and I have other items and stories on it. It doesn't have to be all business does it? Double tie your shoelaces to keep them from loosening well I know the answer and it is on my website in the on-line store.

Thanks John