Computer Parts Warehouse

Here at Computer Parts Warehouse we see it all. IBM AS400's to the Dell rack mounted servers. New and used for the corporate end users nationwide. Our knowledge is built into our employees and engineers that visit our building day in and day out.

On-line shoppers buy from us and others and we are a distribution center for these nationwide sellers. Inbound new from hardware is delivered to us for their inventory. We in the moist part have a sleepy career merely checking in manifests as the pallets and pallets of hardware arrive daily. The boxes are re-stacked and inventoried for our customers.

All day everyday the fax machine rings and the order pullers pull boxes and check and re-check the bar codes to verify that what they want shipped is indeed what we pulled. The buyers and sellers fax the bills of laden to us and we tape the labels on the boxes then electronically send the operation managers the correct tracking numbers and then we file them documents.

We pull Lexmark Printers heading to hospitals and to banks. AS400's going to large data sites for department stores and to larger corporations. HP printers and Lexmark ship daily. Dell and IBM servers ship by the hundreds every week. Cisco product lines are always going out. Printronix, Genicom and IBM impact printers are on pallets wrapped up brand new out five hours after the dealer has made their sale.

Recently our supplies have been requesting that we stock new parts for maintenance customers and all of their customers. We have had to add an additional fifteen thousand square feet of warehouse space. Lucky for us a large suite opened next to our corporate offices and we took it our. We have decided with input from our supplies to add thousands of additional line items to our inventory. We now stock a full line of new and refurbished parts from the oldest to the newest of the Lexmark, Cisco, HP, Dell, Compaq, Genicom, IBM Okidata.

Now our lives here have brought on a huge inventory challenge. Now the new Lexmark, Cisco, HP, Dell, Compaq, Genicom, IBM, Okidata products are aligned with the refurbished hardware.

In our lives it is no longer the grab the screw driver and pull the board and change the configuration to what they want it to be. Ah life in the old days are now gone. We do not have the time to open boxes and reconfigure and then wait for IBM or Dell to arrive and re-certify that it is what it should be.

I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I didn't sell parts. An inventory is huge compared to most. The parts in the most part are new or refurbished by the manufacturer and we inventory them and once again merely pull the orders that we receive and out they go. Parts are a great thing. just what a streamlined business like this needs. We always need to deal with an order of two hundred little parts going out the same day as we received the order to fifty different locations. The shipping employees are driven crazy making sure that what they are to do is what they are doing.

As the 7PM cut off time for Federal Express and UPS and USPS comes closer the packing people are frantic packing the orders and verifying that the bill of laden matches the inventory on the single box much less the box that contains eighty parts.

HP Fusers, HP Roller kits, to Lexmark Fusers and Lexmark Roller Kits. Covers for all laser printers and for all the gear we stock.

IBM Manuals as well as manuals for Okidata and Cisco.

AS400 cables that are long and short old and new line walls where ever we have space. Okidata ribbon cables or Lexmark print head cables we have them all. new and used ready to ship.

We are in a fast paced business and if you want a refurbishing center well then your a little too late. Most of those died ten years ago.

You haven't heard of us and that is for a reason. Our customers do not want us to compete with them. We know where they sell their product. We know the business names, addresses and phone numbers not to mention the contacts and prices they are paying. We know what their buying and we do not care. What we care about is getting the product out when we need to and as the customer has requested us to.

Odds are you have received a box labeled computer parts warehouse and well if that is good enough for them then it is good enough for us.

Thank you